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Senior Oracle APEX Developer

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Who am I ?

Highly Qualified Oracle Apex, Developer for more than 9 Years of Experience working under multi projects, Data Warehousing Experience. Strong background in advanced applications, Technical analysis, Requirements analysis, Database design, Programming, Testing and implementation. Worked in various projects involving web-based Application development, Sales retails, Warehousing, ERP, HR, Some modules and Decision support solutions. Projects and several major Oracle APEX projects. Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems.

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Personal Info

  • Birthdate : 01/08/1983
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Phone : +2 0100 992 4470
  • Email :
  • Skype : amrabdarhman
  • Current Job : Freelancer
  • Blog :
  • FB Group : How To Oacle APEX
  • Upwork Profile : Amr Ahmed

My Expertise

DataBase Design / Analysis

More than 18 Oracle APEX projects.

More than 25 MS Access projects.

More than 3 PHP/MySql projects.

Web Development

Professional Oracle APEX.

SQL, Pl/Sql, PHP, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, Css

Oracle DB, MySql, MS Access

Android APPs Development

5 Android App created.

2 Android App created for APEX application [Mix between Apex Mobile Application & Android WebView]

My Resume

Work Experience

Some Own Products

May 2017 – Current

Recording Udemy Arabic course [How to Oracle APEX] for three levels.

Creating my Own POS System [].

Oracle APEX Consultant

Feb 2017 – May 2017

Technical College, Medina, Saudi Arabia

Full Development of College management, Support Firms, Students (Trainers) Applications.

More functionality, Statics charts, Reports, Auditing.

Senior Web Developer - ASH TEAM

Sept 2016 – Jan 2017

Created login module by multi social account [Oracle APEX].

Created ASATLE APP by Oracle APEX.

Junior Web Developer - Freelance

Nov 2008 – Aug 2016

Private instructor to teach Oracle APEX.

Private instructor to teach SQL, PlSql.

Created more than 5 Android Apps.

Created alone more than 15 APEX Apps.

Modify more than Css file to support RTL.

Customized more of WP/Blogger Themes.

Created more than 30 html template.


Business Systems Analysts
Reqmaster Inst.


Currently i Prepar to start this course.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)
[Self Study]

Nov 2006 – Apr 2007

Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL.

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
[Self Study]

May 2006 – Sept 2006

Oracle Database SQL / Oracle PL/SQL Developer.

High diploma degree – Shizar Inst.

Sept 2002 – Aug 2004

Study Financial Accounting Science.
Camp Shizar Institute.








  • PHP








  • VBA





  • Arabic

  • English

Enhance Skills

Now learning Node.js

Now Enhancing English Skills

Next will be learning Google Angular.js

After next will be learning
Native JavaScript for Android.


  • Responsible Diligence Labour
  • Rigor Creative Funny
  • Great Communicator Flexible


  • Web Business Application

    By (Oracle APEX) i can creating secure, stable, flexible and responsive Web ERP Application Work on all devices and all browsers.

  • database design / Analysis

    Can create DataBase Design / Analysis (Oracle / MySql)

  • MS ACCESS Migration to APEX

    Can migration MS Access App to Oracle APEX App with all forms and all reports.

  • Customize Templates / Themes

    Redesigning, Modification OR create / choose your own template / theme from more than 1000 source.
    Its my old toy :)

  • Create Android Apps

    Creating a new app - Edit Jave code
    Create App for any Web ERP.

  • skills instructor

    Teaching a private courses
    (Sql/Plsql, MySql,
    Oracle APEX, iReport)

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  • A committed and excellent instructor

    Author image
    • Abdelazeem Kamel
    • Professional Services Manager, DTS-EGYPT
    • #Egypt, #Projects: Application Development and Private Training, #Rate: 4/5, #Personal Client
  • I strongly recommend hiring Eng. Amr Abdeen as a team leader for any employer who needs to add a value to his team and his Oracle Apex Applications. He is a real talent Oracle Apex Developer. He can make up the most relevant decision to achieve his target or his task efficiently and securely. Eng Amr Abdeen is an honest, serious personality that keeps up his Oracle Apex knowledge up to date. Java Script is his toy, nothing can stop his innovations in Oracle Apex using Java Script securely.

    Author image
    • Neveen Ebraheem
    • Oracle Developer, Freelancer
    • #Egypt, #Projects: Oracle Apex Course with an overview of CSS & Java Script, #Rate: 5/5
  • Personally, you are a very respectable man.
    In practice: you are an intelligent programmer and I recommend any company to deal with you.

    Author image
    • Ahmed Alsalemi
    • Lecturer, Technical College /Medina
    • #Saudi Arabia, #Projects: Graduate Management College Application, #Rate: 5/5
  • Amr is a pleasure to work with. He commuinicates well. Very knowledgeable, helpful and I hope to work with him again

    Author image
    • Ade Omomo
    • Upwork Client
    • #Australia, #Projects: Oracle Apex Facebook and Google social authentication, #Rate: 5/5
  • Amr did great work and was very helpful in answering further technical questions we had. His communication and technical skills are excellent. We would definitely work with him again.

    Author image
    • Phil T
    • Upwork Client
    • #USA, #Projects: Oracle Apex Programming, #Rate: 5/5
  • Great guy with much knowledge!

    Author image
    • Dan Larsson
    • Upwork Client
    • #Sweden, #Projects: Create possibility for multiple files on one product., #Rate: 4.85/5
  • Very friendly and knowledgeable. I will use him again if he got time. Everything was perfect but sometimes we didnt understand each other at first try. I do think that that was my fault most of the time.

    Author image
    • Dan Larsson
    • Upwork Client
    • #Sweden, #Projects: Move pdf files storage from BLOB to filesystem, #Rate: 4.85/5


[A lot of my works [Projects/Modules] not i have a licenses from owners to add it as live demo.]

Multi Login Module | Oracle APEX

Login by multi account + verifying
user by Verify SMS code

- App Account
- Google Account
- Facebook Account
- Using Verify SMS [web service]
#Using Google API
#Using Facebook API
#Using Verify API
Demo link
Think different

Authorization Module | Oracle APEX (Finished)

Multi levels of permissions (Pages, Regions, Items, Buttons, Columns, Actions, Services, etc..)
With Oracle APEX can secure your business with multi methods
Thanks APEX :)

Module (POS) | Oracle APEX (Finished)

Multi users, Multi branch's, Auditing module, Use Mobiles/Tablets for Salesperson's, Multi themes.
Thanks APEX :)

ASSOCIATION Module (EMS) | Oracle APEX (Finished)

Multi users, Multi branch's, Auditing module, iReport, Auditing module, Arabic themes.
Thanks APEX :)

  • 18Oracle APEX App's
  • 6Android App's
  • 35Html Template
  • 30MS Access App's